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Our Story

Fred Krieger entered the textile business in the 1950s. With his strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded M. H. Lazarus & Co. (Lazarus Fabrics). 

In 1979, Fred started Fred Krieger & Co.  Fred  serviced the theatrical industry, creating new innovative textiles which became widely used in theatres across the nation. 

His son Daniel Krieger joined the business in 1983, after earning his MBA from NYU and gaining valuable business experience in other industries. Dan continues to lead it today, retaining his father’s honest and caring business ethic.  


As the company has grown, more family members have joined the team, learning the textile business and helping Fred Krieger Fabrics continue the tradition as the leading theatrical brand.

Fred Krieger, 1979

Our Commitment

Fred Krieger Fabrics is the trusted source for fabrics in venues across North America, due to our long tradition and dedication to the theatrical textile industry, and strong commitment to quality.   Our fabrics are widely recommended by architects, designers, and theater consultants. 

Here at Fred Krieger Fabrics, we have a dedicated team in place to help you with all your projects.  We are always there for our customers and their sewing departments.


We also strive to protect the environment and commit to using environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and materials in order to produce sustainable fabrics.

We keep a large inventory of all of our fabrics and offer zero day lead times, ensuring that what you need is always in stock, helping our customers deliver on time and on budget.


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