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Atlas Oxford

Atlas Oxford is flame retardant, 54'' wide and the fiber content is 100% cotton. It is a heavy weight fabric with a woven herringbone texture. It is an economical fabric commonly used for stage masking and cyclorama curtains.  It is available in 8 colors.

 Theater Fabric Gold Atlas Oxford Herringbone Texture Flame Retardant
 Stage Fabric Grey Atlas Oxford Herringbone Texture Flame Retardant
Atlas Oxford Gold



Fabric Specifications 


Flame Retardant


Fiber Content: 100% Cotton


Fabric Width: 54''


Fabric Weight: 18 oz.


Available in 8 colors

Atlas Oxford Grey


Fabric uses include: Theater Curtains, Theater Drapes, Stage Curtains, Stage Drapes, Blackout Curtains, Window Treatments, and more. 
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