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Bengaline - FR (Flame Retardant)

Fred Krieger Fabrics Bengaline FR is a woven fabric with wide raised ribs made of 100% polyester. Bengaline FR fabric is used for decoration, lining, draping, and more. It can be used for wedding decor, table cloths, event decorations and other venues. FR Bengaline is available in over 70 colors please call or email for full color information. Also available in Bengaline Moire FR, and Crushed Bengaline FR.

Stage Fabric Prism Velour 14 oz. Sapphire Inherently Flame Retardant
Bengaline - FR (Flame Retardant)

Fabric Specifications 


Flame Retardant


Fiber Content: 100% FR Polyester


Fabric Width: 60''


FR per NFPA-701


Available in over 70 colors (please call or email for more colors)




70 Colors Available! Please call or email for full color line information. 
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