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100% Cotton FR Woven Velours

54” wide – Available in Memorable Velour 25 ounce, Marvel Velour 21 ounce, & Princess Velour 16 ounce per linear yard weights.


Cotton velour is still one of the most popular theater fabrics used for stage curtains. It has a rich, dense pile making its light absorbing characteristics unmatched. Depending on budgetary considerations, venues can choose which weight is best for theaters and auditoriums, schools and houses of worship. Excellent sound absorbing properties allow their use for acoustical treatment including sound deadening and sound control curtains. 


To protect the back side of the drapes from wear and abrasion, use out 54" wide Denim Lining or Ranger Cloth for a sewin-in lining.

Burgundy Cotton Velvet Flame Retardant Theater Fabric
Gold Cotton Velvet Flame Retardant Theater Fabric
Memorable Velour Burgundy

Fabric Specifications 


Flame Retardant


Fiber Content: 100% Cotton


Fabric Width: 54''


Fabric Weight: 25 oz., 21 oz., & 16 oz.


Available in standard and custom colors




Marvel Velour Gold


Fabric uses include: Theater Curtains, Theater Drapes, Stage Curtains, Stage Drapes, Blackout Curtains, Window Treatments, and more. 
Click links below for more information on the following
Memorable Velour 25 oz.
Marvel Velour 20 oz. 
Princess Velour 16 oz. 


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