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Muslin Fabric - Extra Wide and Seamless Muslin

Muslin is a tightly woven fabric used for cycloramas, backdrops and scenery flats. It has a translucent quality and can be painted easily. 

Muslin Sky Blue Flame Retardant Fabric, Stage Fabric
Muslin White Flame Retardant Fabric, Theater Fabric
Muslin White


Muslin Sky Blue



Fabric Specifications 

Flame Retardant

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton

Click on widths below to see more information

Fabric Widths: 

  118"     9'10"  

  144"    12'      

  197"    16'5"   

  244"    20'4"   

  312"    26'      

  394"    32'10" 


Fabric Weight: 4.5 oz - 6.6 oz


Available in 5 colors



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