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Wool Serge 32 oz. - IFR  

72" wide -  32 ounce


Wool Serge is used in theaters to dampen reverb creating a great acoustic setting. It has a matte finish with no nap direction. Wool Serge can also be used as masking and is 100% opaque. This fabric has excellent sound absorbing properties making it great for acoustical treatment including sound deadening and sound control curtains.

Theatrical Fabrics , Theater Curtains , Stage Curtains , Blackout Curtains , Theater Drapery , Stage Drapery
Wool Serge 32 oz. - IFR

Fabric Specifications 


Inherently Flame Retardant


Fiber Content: 100% Wool


Fabric Width: 72''


Fabric Weight: 32 oz.


Available in Black




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