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Picassos Stage Curtain "Le Tricorne" Three Cornered Hat

Pablo Picasso's Stage Curtain “Le Tricorne” translated as Three Cornered Hat is now on display at the New York Historical Society. The ballet stage curtain was commissioned by one of the most influential ballet companies of the 20th century Ballets Russes’ it would be for their 1919 production. It later found its home at the Four Seasons restaurant in NYC. The piece was displayed in what was called Picasso's alley at the Four Seasons restaurant for 55 years, and was recently donated to the NYHS. The stage curtain measuring 20 feet by 19 feet, which depicts spectators at a bullfight, will be on long-term view from May 29 2015 through the summer of 2016.

See the below NYHS video of how the work was properly displayed in their NYC gallery.

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